Good morning…



the smell of my youth

I was all about that gummi bear life.

Cotton candy, myself. I used to stare at that picture of the cotton candy girl….
How to be the Biggest Weenie- a flow chart!

Do not stand up to boss, reminding her you needed the weekend off -> let it eat you up all day -> worry -> worry some more -> go home -> ask for help -> despair -> refuse help -> cry -> cry for an hour -> more despair -> more worry -> be reasonable -> get help -> cry -> sniffly weenie skype call -> feel like a weenie

why are anime girls so damn shiny all the time? what for

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After removing my roommates uncooked buckwheat noodles off the kitchen table multiple times, she has decided to pick them up and store them in the fridge. Hello, uncooked noodles in the fridge?

I just can’t understand her weirdo thought processes. 


Marie Antoinette, 2006

Super cool colour extensions by @tori_stewart93