Hedvig Palm in The Garden photographed by Michal Pudelka for Heroine #1 F/W 2014

Angry Monologues

Customers at work like to threaten to never shop at the store again when we refuse to bend policies for them so they can get their way. Frankly we do not care, which I understand is hard to grasp when the sun clearly shines out of your pristine glossy butthole so much we have to wear sunglasses to look at you.”

"Please explain to her abut my footing the bill 100% to put myself through education and literally have nothing, so wasteful babies who lack any real world experience set me off when they are so conceited they can’t put themselves in someone else’s shoes but instead they keep their head up their apparently extremely comfortable anus."

I am angry. I am hot-blooded. I am justified. 

I like to mention buttholes when I don’t like someone cause it makes me feel better.


strawberry gloss donuts!

These donuts may be my spirit animal.

The Whitepepper S/S 2014

Candie’s, Seventeen magazine, March 1984.

Trying to find out where one of face cloths has disappeared to… again.